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About Us

The Venere Group's founding began in the early 1970's on the outskirts of Famagusta, Cyprus.

Then a Mr Petros Chrystallenos took his first steps to produce furniture for the home such as kitchen units, sofas, couches, cupboards, bookshelves, interior/exterior doors, shutters, chairs, tables, bathroom furnitures all in both classic and modern styles.

As time progressed the family business grew and into it three of Mr Chrystallenos fours sons took an active role in designing, producing and installing the furniture's that were hand made at the premises outside Famagusta.

The furniture business thrived until 1987 when the sons now older and more experienced decided to take the company onto the next stage of its development. The manufacturing side of the company was slowly tailed off as more emphasis was placed on importing ready made high quality Italian solutions.

The founding of the Venere Group saw the company take the step of moving completely away from manufacturing so that all its energies could be focused on finding new Italian companies to import its products from.

Our first showroom was opened in Paralimni in 2003, which was populated with products mainly from the Copat, GD Dorigo and Santa Lucia companies.

Over the next few years, as the Venere Group began to establish itself in the local market, more companies were added to our already rich portofolio with new collaborations formed with esteemed companies such as Molteni&C, Dada and Armani/Dada others resulting in 2009 of the opening of our new showroom in Paralimni.